* WHAT: 1st Visayas Convention

* WHEN: January 16, 2010


- We are request all our brod in the Visayas Area to prepare to this activity.

- To know more about the Convention please send us e mail at gilbert_caballero73 @

- All Brothers in the Visayas Area are invited.


2. Registerd Member's Name

- Please be advice for security reason we transfer all the names of registerd members in the Visayas to AKRHO TAMBAYAN SITE, you can view your name if your registerd at the tambayan, if you are not yet a member of the AKRHO TAMBAYAN please follow the instruction below on how to register in the AKRHO TAMABYAN 



ALPHA KAPPA RHO Visayas Jurisdiction was created during the 1st National Convention last August 8, 2008 at Amoranto Quezon City, Visyaas jurisdiction has the area of coverage in Region 6, Region 7, Region 8. Visayas Jurisdiction is directly reporting to the ALPHA KAPPA RHO National Council Grand Skeptron and the Visayas Jurisdiction is headed by the elected Vice Grand Skeptron of the National Council. The National Council divided the Philippine Archepelago into three Jurisdiction Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao each jurisdiction is represented by the three elected Vice Grand Skeptron of the National Council.

All Regional Council's, Local Council's, Local Chapter's and Members in the Visayas Area is requested to register for formal recognition of your existance, all registerd Regional Council's, Local Councl's and Chapter's has the authority to operate in the area using the name of ALPHA KAPPA RHO.



A standard Identification was created during the convention that will represent all AKP worldwide and the following standard code method followed are for International Members I-xxxxx, for Luzon Members L-xxxxx, for Visayas Members V-xxxxx, for Mindanao Members M-xxxxx. All full pledge members are requested to avail this standard national identification for your full recognition that you are a legitimate member of the organization, Our goal is to identify the legitimate members to this registeration.

How to Register

Step 1. You must be a full pledge AKP and serving the Organization for six month upon your full recognition as a full plege member.

Step 2. You must have the standard AKP ritual, members have no ritual can not avail the ID.

Step 3. Inform you Chapter GS that you want to be registerd in the National Council.

 * If your chapter did not exist you can e mail gilbert_caballero73 @ indicate you chapter and names and numbers of brods that can justify  your
 membership, after we verfy we will send you insturuction.

* If your working outside the Philippine and you want to register please go to the nearest chapter in your area and ask about the National ID registeration.

* If your working outside the Philippine and no chapter exist, please send us email gilbert_caballero73 @

Step 4. Fill up the Standard Form

* You can download the forms at the http : //

* If you are not a member of the Akrho Tambayan, request for invitation send e mail to gilbert_caballero73 @ send us your detail your contact number and information regarding the batch year you survive.

Step 5. Pay the fee of Php150.00

Step 6. Check your name if you already register by visiting the AKRHO TAMBAYAN

To know more on how to avail the Standard National ID please send us e mail at gilbert_caballero73 @



AKRHO Tambayan is a social network exclusive only for Invited AKRHO members, from the word Tambayn all AKRHO worldwide are meeting in one place to discuss topics concerning about the organization and to be updated on the AKP activity, In AKRHO tambayan you can even chat  and exhange message with the founders, It is a place that a full pledge AKRHO shoul be.

If you are not a member of AKRHO Tambayan please e mail us the following details 1. Complete Name 2. Location 3. Your Chapter Information 4. Contact N Number 5. Name and Number of Brother that can justify your membership and send the following information to gilbert_caballero73 @ 





site created by:

AKRHO Rho Delta Family

http ://

August 8, 2008